Estoy en Lima!

There was a terrifying period when we were also supposed to go to Cusco, but then we realized it was insane, so we didn’t. (Update: later we did!)  Lima is enough.  More than enough.  It’s a beautiful city! Like Santa Barbara with BETTER FISH.  I’m here for a two-day workshop with one of the most enthusiastic client groups I’ve ever worked with.  We’re crammed into three rooms of an art gallery, each smaller than my hotel room.  At least they have high ceilings.

How do I write about this place?! My travelogues usually revolve around food, and my god, this is the most food obsessed place I have ever been.  Everyone I’ve met describes themselves, and the whole country, as “food obsessed!”  Yesterday our client scored us tickets to Mistura, the annual national culinary festival that’s part food fair, part expo, part enormous exercise in educating folks about credit and debit cards.  It was wild.  I promise to post a thorough travelogue once all this is over and I can sleep without having to gt up and bring it for another day of hardcore futures facilitation.
Left: A kiwi pisco sour.  Yes, it was amazing, and I want to make it at home.

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