Like a whale or a turtle, to the surface, for air, and then back down to the deep.

Whale Breaching

Flickr CC/ joeforjette

Yes, I’m alive.  Yes, I’ve been writing things in the last 2 months.  No, I haven’t been writing ANYTHING here.  My list of things to write about has evolved its own sentience and is threatening to steal my lunch money.  Most of my gross word-count over the past six weeks will not see the light of day, in public at least, for another year, which always makes me a little sad.

But, basically, I’ve been thinking about how science and technology offer promise and comforting, official-sounding futures; what the hell “well-being” means in contemporary discourse, and its relationship to other ideas about ourselves like “health” and “happiness” and personal “resilience.”  I’ve also been trying to suss out what the mutually constitutive relationships are between personal resilience and resilience at the level of communities, organizations and systems.  A whole lot more of that thinking is forthcoming very shortly.

I have a some interesting events to blog about, including but not limited to Design 4 Resilience, Augmented Reality for Health DevCamp, and our own Health Horizons conference (or, whatever I noticed about what happened when I wasn’t wholly focused on putting on a good show for the benefit of others).  I swear I feed the cat more often than the blog.

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