Civilized Travel

Now this is civilization.  Plant-covered walls.  Free wi-fi.  Cheese. Wine.

It’s almost impossible to worry about anything here in the lounge at the Heathrow Airport.  Which is very good, since yesterday (the very long yesterday before the very short today) I was literally making myself sick with worry.  I’m not even exactly sure what I was so worried about.  Was it the presentation I’m giving Tuesday in a meeting room in at twelfth century castle?  No, I think I’ve got that down.  Was it the client? Okay I won’t go there. I don’t know.  This place encourages me not to remember.  It says, rest, and sometimes work, and generally pay attention to the more pleasant aspects of the insanity that is global business travel. Half my Sunday may be pawned until Thursday, but life is good.

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