In the beginning…

There was WordPress. And then there was me, and you: my own little corner of the internet.  How sweet.

I’ve always wanted to own a blog—but always also hated blogging. It’s like those proverbial puppies you take home and convince your mom to let you keep.  You have to feed it.  Take it on walks.  Pay its vet bills.  Keep it from killing too many squirrels.  Keep it from attracting trolls.  If you’re good you give it to a friend or something.  If you’re bad you leave it in a Dumpster somewhere.

Well, now I try again.  I like cats, maybe a kitten will work better.

Hi, little kitteh.  I’m Miriam, and this is a place for me to collect my musings.  I’m an anthropologist and a futurist (why must “anticipatory anthropology” have just SO many syllables?) and an Easily Distracted Generalist. I work at the Institute for the Future, forecasting about health and well-being and food systems.  I’m married to an Archaeologist who also thinks about food systems (I get the live ones, he gets the dead ones).

The next several posts will probably be pretty scattered, as I point to a bunch of things I’ve written recently elsewhere, repost writings I like that got mired in failed blogs past, and generally get my footing before things settle into normal.  I have very little idea what normal will look like, but I promise to feed it this time, for real.

2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. “Anticipatory anthropology” seems sort of like something Messrs. Croup and Vandemar would get into if their tutelary dentistry firm ever folded.

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